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Steve's show from a July 8, 2000, performance at the famed New York showcase club. Fronting his four-piece band, the Rough Squirrels, he draws from then-recent studio records Evergreen Boy and Mission of the Crossroad Palms, and naturally, selected favorites from his first two albums, among them "Goin' Down to Laurel" and the hit "Romeo's Tune, " are also included. 

Signed by the artist

Live At The Bottom Line (Personalized)

  • Real Live Love

    Goin' Down To Laurel

    Good Planets (Are Hard To Find)


    The American In Me

    Now You Come Back

    Evergreen Boy

    Rose Marie

    It Sure Was Better Back Then

    So Good To Feel Good Again

    Oh, To Be Back With You

    Something's Got A Hold On Me

    She's Living In A Dreamworld


    The Sweet Love That You Give (Sure Goes A Long, Long Way)

    Romeo's Tune

    Nadine/You Cannot Win (If You Do Not Play)

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