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PRESS: 1980 - 2022

Glide: VIDEO PREMIERE: Steve Forbert Announces New Album ‘Moving Through America’, Shares Video for “Living The Dream”

American Songwriter: Steve Forbert Revisits His Iconic ‘Jackrabbit Slim’ For New ‘Live In Asbury Park’ Recording

Blue Rose nonprofit bridges music and preschool (Sonoma Index-Tribune 2020)

Signature achievement: I check in with the singer whose lyric graces all my emails (The Washington Post 2020)


Steve Forbert Soaks Up Nostalgia with ‘Early Morning Rain’ (American Songwriter 2020)

Steve Forbert Early Morning Rain (The Alternate Root 2020)

INTERVIEW: Steve Forbert Talks About Songwriting And His New Album “Early Morning Rain” (Americana Highways May 2020)

Steve Forbert's Cover of 'Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues' Feels Perfect Right Now (Parade May 2020)

Steve Forbert Soaks Up Nostalgia with ‘Early Morning Rain’ (Amercian Songwriter)

REVIEW: Steve Forbert Celebrates The Craftsmanship Of Songwriting With “Early Morning Rain” (Americana Highways April 2020)

Steve Forbert Premieres "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues" (American Songwriter April 2020)

Steve Forbert 10.18.19 (KUTX 98.9 2019)

Memoir and Album Examine Steve Forbert's Life in Folk-Rock (No Depression September 2018)

 Steve Forbert Has Everything Going On (September 2018)

 Album of the Week: The Magic Tree (September 2018)

 Big City Cat (September 2018)

 Folk-rock star Steve Forbert talks the punk rock life at CBGB's in new memoir (September 2018)

 SF Announces New Album 'The Magic Tree' and October UK Dates (September 2018)

  The Magic Tree and His Memoir (August 2018)

  Steve Forbert: Honorary Shorecat in the Big Little City (August 2018) 

  Steve Forbert Memoir ”Big City Cat: My Life In Folk Rock” and New Album ‘The Magic Tree’ To Be Released September 14 (Aug 2018)

  Steve’s story ‘Romeo’s Tune’ singer-songwriter forges his own musical journey (May 2018) 

  Steve Forbert, known for his hit ‘Romeo’s Tune,’ brings 40 years of songs to Wilmington (May 2018)

  Catching Up With Steve Forbert (May 2018)

  Steve Forbert Covers LP is Alive on Arrival (October 2017)

  Meet Him in the Middle of Roxbury; Musician Steve Forbert Aims for Succasunna (Sept 2017)

  Steve Forbert keeps on rockin’ steady (Sept 2016)

  Grammy-nominated musician Steve Forbert uses Columbia girl's drawing in latest album (Jan 2016)

  Steve Forbert Still Looking for Inspiration -- and Finding It (April 2015)

  Zen Master Steve Forbert Calls Down the Muse (April 2015)

  Steve Forbert, singer/songwriter of ‘Romeo’s Tune’ fame, to play City Winery (Oct 2014)

  Steve Forbert takes the long view on music and fame (June 2014)

  SESAC Magazine (Fall 2013)

  Tinney Contemporary Press Release (October 2011)

  Steve Forbert Coming To The Ark (July 2011)

  Steve Forbert Plays the Narrows Center (March 2011)

  Fine Art From a Cell Phone? (March 2011)

  "Highway of Sight" Press Release (March 2011)

  "The Oil Song" Keeps Steve Forbert Moving (July 2010)

  Oil and Music: A Conversation with Steve Forbert (May 2010)

  Steve Forbert Rescues a Phoenix From the Ashes ( February 2010)

  Pop Culture Press First Listen: Down in Flames (February 2010)

  The Return of Steve Forbert (February 2010)

  The Place and the Time: (March 2009)

  Roots Artist: Steve Forbert (January 2007)

  "Give Us An Absolute, Songwriter" (February 2005)

  Steve Forbert Interview by Clifford Meth (October 2004)

  Like There's Nothing To It: Pro.qb (March 2004)

  Folkwax: Sittin' In With Steve Forbert (April 2003)

  Songs From the Everyman (February 2002)

  Unsung Singer (September 1999)

  Keeping It Organic (March 1999)

  Tracking Steve Forbert's Last 20 Years in Orbit (October 1998)

  From "Next Bob Dylan" to Underdog (October 1998)

  Rocking Horse Head Review/Interview (1996)

  Steve Forbert Escapes From Hell by Bill Flanagan (October 1988)

  Fireworks by Steve Forbert (July 1984)

  Rolling Stone: Hit and Myth (March 1980)

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