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2015 Release


"For “Compromised” Steve Forbert has reunited with producer John Simon, the who oversaw sessions for the legendary 1979 record Jackrabbit Slim. His cover of “Send in the Clowns” is one of the record’s best moments but then his own pieces, namely “A Big Comeuppance”, “Welcome the Rolling Stones” and “Rollin’ Home to Someone You Love” hold up right beside that classic tune. Repeated listens reveal deeper thoughts and rewards than you first might imagine."  - Pop Matters


Signed by the artist.

Compromised (Personalized)

  • Compromise

    A Big Comeuppance

    When I Get To California

    Drink Red Wine

    Welcome The Rolling Stones

    Rollin' Home To Someone You Love

    Send In The Clowns

    I Don't Know If You Know It

    Devil (Here She Comes Now)

    Time Seemed So Free

    Whatever, Man


    Bonus Tracks

    You'd See The Things That I See (The Day John Met Paul)

    Devil (Here She Comes Now) (Americana Version)

    When I Get To California (Americana Version)

    Whatever, Man (Americana Version)

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