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Down In Flames was released on Steve’s label, Rolling Tide Records, as a 3 CD set in 2009. The set included the 1983 unreleased fifth album of 10 studio recordings; studio demos of 14 unreleased Steve Forbert songs (now available as a download called Delayed Green) and 12 live band performances from the same time period.  


Fifty-one copies of the first disc have been unearthed and we're making them available now as a single disc! The album was remixed in Nashville by Robby Turner and the disc includes a session bonus track “What’s So Hard About Being Alone?”.


Signed by the artist.

Down In Flames (studio album) (Personalized)

  • Get Out Tonight (And Try So Hard)

    Take A Message To Mary

    You Gotta Go


    So Many Mistakes

    Lay Down Your Weary Tune Again

    Because My Heart Says So

    Samson And Delilah's Beauty Shop

    Come With Me

    His Was The Sound


    What's So Hard About Being Alone?

    They're Out To Break Us

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