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Recently unearthed copies of Steve's 1995 release - Mission of the Crossroad Palms.  Some copies are international pressings, and some are promotional copies that were remastered for radio.


"... the album works because it harvests Forbert's best-ever crop of songs: the ironic reflections of a retired railroad worker, 'It Sure Was Better Back Then'; a hooky shuffle about relighting an old flame, 'Lay Down Your Weary Tune Again'; and the Gothic imagery of the apology ballad, 'Oh, To Be Back with You.' "--Geoffrey Himes


SIgned by the artist.

Mission of the Crossroad Palms (Personalized)

  • It Sure Was Better Back Then

    It Is What It Is (And That's All)

    Is It Any Wonder?

    Lay Down Your Weary Tune Again

    So Good To Feel Good Again

    Oh, To Be Back With You

    Real Live Love

    The Trouble With Angels

    How Can You Change The World?

    Don't Talk To Me

    The Last Rays Of Sunlight

    Thirteen Blood Red Rosebuds

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