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"The 11 tracks on Moving Across America show his skills as a songwriter and a performer are as sharp and strong as ever. Listening to the record is like taking a trip across the US with a local at every stop who can tell you the inside scoop."

 Pop Matters


"Although he has incorporated elements of soul and rollicking roots rock in his bulging repertoire, Moving Through America is firmly ensconced in the lyrically clever, often humorous, always enticing melodic folk many would classify as classic Forbert. From the opening solo acoustic “Buffalo Nickel” where he uses that coin as a metaphor for how both buffalos and Native Americans have been mistreated over the years with We had to go an’ slaughter ev’ry Buffalo herd/And we couldn’t leave an Indian be, to the closing, melancholy “USS Palo Alto,” Forbert covers a wide swath of idiosyncratic, often peculiarly American stories."

American Songwriter


Signed by the artist

Moving Through America - Red Vinyl (Personalized)

  • Buffalo Nickel

    Fried Oysters

    Moving Through America

    Living The Dream

    Please Don't Eat The Daisies

    Times Like These

    I Can’t Get Back

    Say Hello to Gainesville

    It’s Too Bad (You Super Freak)

    What's A Dog Think?

    Palo Alto

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