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The live 1987 Here’s Your Pizza CD is a rockin’ experience!

It captures Steve and The Rough Squirrels having some real fun in Florida—

performing pretty much for themselves in a Destin tiki hut!

Includes “All Because of You” and “Honkytonker”.

Here's Your Pizza

  • Stop Breakin' Down Blues

    What Kinda Guy?/Rockin' Robin

    One After 909

    Years Ago

    Everybody Does It In Hawaii

    You're Darn Right

    Runaway Train of Love

    All Because of You

    Song For Katrina


    Samson and Delilah's Beauty Shop

    You Cannot Win (If You Do Not Play)

    His Was The Sound (Tribute to Ritchie Valens)

    Sweet Pea

    If You're Waiting On Me (Bonus Track)

    You Cannot Win 'em All (Bonus Track)