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Four years after Be Here Now Solo Live, another live solo CD, Be Here Again, was released.

Be Here Again was entirely from one particularly good solo show at the Calgary Center for the Arts on October 24, 1998.

During that time the albums  Mission of the Crossroad Palms and Rocking Horse Head were released. Seven of the Be Here Again songs originally appeared on those two studio albums.

Signed by the artist

Be Here Again (Solo) (Personalized)

  • What Kinda Guy?

    Real, Live Love

    Some Will Rake The Coals

    Good Planets Are Hard To Find


    Goin' Down To Laurel

    Don't Talk To Me

    Honey Don't

    So Good To Feel Good Again

    It Sure Was Better Back Then

    Everyone's Got To Have A Dream

    Midsummer Night's Toast

    Jamaica Farewell



    My Time Ain't Long

    Rock While I Can Rock

    Sea Of Love


    Good Night Irene

    Romeo's Tune

    Moon Man (I'm Waiting On You)