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From time to time, we'll offer exclusive digital collections for sale (only available from this site or Bandcamp).

Our latest offering is ''Music Monday Downloads" - 

"  As many of you know, I've been posting free live tracks most every week on “Music Monday”.

I have now assembled two different programs collecting twenty-seven of them. They are from many different locations.

Some date back as far as a 2009 session in Washington DC for NPR. Some are as recent as this July.

My friend, engineer Steve  Puntolillo, has remastered the tracks and put them all at appropriate volume levels. 

Total time for program 1 –   42:55.

Total time for program 2 –   45:46.  Each program is available for $9.99. "

- SF

Cover photos by Rick Farrell

"Delayed Green is a collection of 14 quality studio demos.  These tracks originally comprised Disc Two of Down In Flames.  

Down in Flames was a 3 CD set, released on Rolling Tide Records in 2009.  Now out of print, it featured my unreleased fifth album plus two bonus discs.  

The songs on Disc Two were written and recorded in New York City during the early 80's.  The musicians (The Flying Squirrels) were in my touring band at the time.  Only one of these songs has ever appeared on any of my other releases. "

- SF

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