Seattle, WA In Progress...

It's a Saturday night in Seattle and you've had your tickets to the Forbert show in your pocket all day. Live at The Triple Door. Finally.

And then it hits. The wife doesn't want to go out. One kid might have the flu -- the other wants to borrow the car that you need to make it to the show in time. So first it's off to Walgreen's for some cold, flu, stuffy nose medication. Next it's Chinese take-out for the rest of the family...but the line is long and time is getting short. Finally it's a promise to let son #1 borrow the car next Friday AND Saturday night.

Everyone is settled in and you're out the're late, but you're going to get to the show. Traffic is a killer and finding a parking spot even worse...but you've made it. You're at the show...and it's almost over but you don't you settle in near the back of the venue to catch the final moments of Steve's return to progress... Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.